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  You Won't Miss the Olympic Action!  
  You Won't Miss the Olympic Action!  News item posted 3 Feb 2012

If the thought of missing the Olympics is putting you off booking a place on one of our Summer Holidays Activity courses...think again!

We will make sure you are kept up to date with all the action from the Olympics.  There will be opportunities to watch the events during breaks, catch up on the evening highlights, and we'll make sure you know of every medal that is won!

So join us this summer...as we get into the spirit of the Olympics and support TEAM GB!


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  SUMMER HOLIDAY FUN!  News item posted 2 Feb 2012

Details of the course we will be running of the Summer Holidays this year are now listed! 

Please select 'Holiday Courses and Activities' from the blue menu on the right of the screen.

We have a packed summer holidays to look forward to:  Action Adventure, Junior Activity, Build a Musical and the Sailing courses are all back due to popular demand!

There are also 2 exciting new half week courses:  High Flyers, and Wet and Wild.  Speedy Wheels is back this year as a half week course - having been redesigned to include some exciting new activities.

As usual we are also offering some enrichment courses - plenty of creative writing opportunities:  Battlestations!, The World of Dr Who, Adventure Writing and Young Novelist. 

The monster Scalextric set will make a return in Formula One Scientists - come and understand the physics, maths and ICT that is involved in the track design and the cars themselves.

Fun for all from 8 - 17 years!

Don't worry - we will make sure you don't miss out on the breaking news from the Olympics!  There will be opportunities to watch events, catch up on highlights and keep up to date with the medals won.


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  Spring / Summer 2012  
  Spring / Summer 2012  News item posted 23 Jan 2012

All of our spring  and summer term enrichment courses are now listed.  Please select 'Courses for Able, Gifted and Talented' from the blue menu on the right of the screen, and select the course list under the enrichment information.

We have several exciting new courses to look out for:  the Hysterical Historical series, Flash of Genius, Flash Bang Wallop, Hi-Flyers and Rocket Racers.

And some of our popular courses also making back include:  Colossal Celts, Word Wizards, Kings of Space, Whodunnit and Code Breaking, to name just a few!

We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you to Kilve Court very soon!


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  Kilve Court Video  
  Kilve Court Video  News item posted 23 Oct 2009

What we did over the summer!  Please click on the link below to see our new promotional video.




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  Charterhouse Joins the Kilve Centres  
  Charterhouse Joins the Kilve Centres  News item posted 10 Feb 2009

Charterhouse Centre moved into the Children & Young People Directorate of Somerset County Council from April 2008 and has joined with the other three Kilve Centres.  Jo Taylor was appointed as Centre Manager at the end of summer 2008 having previously been the Centre Manager of Great Wood Centre for us.

Charterhouse will be working to all the high standards customers, children and young people have come to expect of all the Kilve Court Centres.  To find out more, see our link to Centres at the right hand side of this page.

If you would like to visit Charterhouse Centre or call to find out more, please contact the Centre on Tel: 01761 462267 or email: charterhouse@somerset.gov.uk


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  Website Photographs  
  Website Photographs  News item posted 23 Feb 2006

Many of the photographs on this website were taken by Caroline Vail.  For further information please contact her at carolinevail@mac.com or visit her website www.homepage.mac.com/carolinevail

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